Sunday, November 25, 2012

Autumn Runs

As time marches forward, month after month, year after year,  I have to say that autumn is my favorite RUNNING season.  I’m definitely a summer girl, let’s get that out of the way.  But there is something magical about running in the fall. 
I ran early yesterday morning, and I could feel the trees beginning their retreat – but not quite yet.  They are in fall mode.  The air is crisp in the morning, and while still in shorts, I can feel those days quickly ending.  I will have to get out my running pants soon.  Not yet, but soon.  For the leaves haven’t turned colors.  I still have that to enjoy.  And while the occasional leaf will fall and waif is way through the air to me, there are still leaves to be had.  Still leaves waiting to change.
I like watching them change. 
And the air is clearer.  Breathing is less harsh, less heavy.  Heat and sweat doesn’t weigh you down.  An added bonus to this season, it’s usually my fastest time of year.  I’ve earned my fasted PRs during autumn. 
Plus, the other cool thing about the fall is the enormous amount of races that are held this time of year.  You don’t have to look far at all to find one that is both local AND the distance you want to do.  Take for instance, the Main Street Mile in Marlboro; that race will be held September 30.  Looking to run farther?  The Baystate Marathon and half-marathon are in October.  Harvard, MA (Apple Harvest Ramble) hosts a 5- and 10- miler on September 29.   From 1 mile to 26.2 miles, they are all happening in the fall. 
And that’s just off the top of my head!  Imagine if I were looking for a race to run right now?  I need not worry, but simply find a free weekend and show up! 
Tomorrow, I suspect I will be greeted with a few more leaves making their way to my face, my hands, my body.   I always feel like they are saying something to me, something sweet, as they make their way to the ground. 
And I will not be pulling out my running pants.  Not quite yet. 
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