Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cha Cha Cha Chia

And YES, I am talking about the Chia Pet with the greens growing out of its eyes.  Well, sorta, anyway. 
I could also call it Indian Running Food, as it was known in days gone by.    The chia seed is making a comeback.  And not because it was a kickin’ terracotta creepy-shaped-head-plant-holder-thingy.  But because it is a high nutrient high endurance food. 
To sing the praises of the chia seed for a moment, let me just share with you its versatility, and where its power lies.  For starters, it is more easily digestible than, say, flax seed (which will pass right through you if not ground up).  Secondly, it has a mild taste, which means you can sprinkle it on salad without ‘ruining it’. 
Another lure for me would be that ounce for ounce, chia delivers more omega-3s than salmon;  while being high in fiber and protein, too.   When put into water, it creates a gelatin type consistency which helps move things along and out through the intestines………. Just another bonus.
And for me, this last benefit can not be overemphasized too much.  I make a living out of teaching people about real food, unprocessed food.   How to lose weight while still keeping energy and not feeling deprived.  These are tall orders.  One of the big stumbling blocks I hear over and over is that the food I promote has a short shelf life.  In fact, some food, like my beloved bananas, will turn brown  on the 1.5 mile jaunt from the grocery store to my house if banged just a little.    
Then in comes the chia seed.  Chia seeds can stay fresh longer than flaxseeds; and most other seeds for that matter.  They are less susceptible to rancidity; and that is a huge seller for me – and everyone else.
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