Sunday, February 24, 2013

Good Cop, Good Cop

Us walkers, us runners, us bicyclists are watched over, taken care of.
Running through Hudson the past 11 years (and South Boston prior to that, and back in Connecticut even further back), I have had the experience of being yelled at, sworn at, splashed and nearly hit by angry drivers more times than I can count. 
Ask my friend, Matt.  He’ll tell ya. 
But not once, as in NEVER, has it come from a police officer – even when I may have deserved it.

During one of the snowstorms, or rainstorms or hurricanes I have run through, I’m sure they must have thought “Come on, lady, it’s Hurricane Sandy.  Get indoors”.  Or maybe they thought “I have to deal with these drivers in this snow, and now I have to deal with you too?”
But nope.  Not once.
And in the past two years in Hudson, they have had a nightmare of construction to deal with.  Yet, in all that time, the police officers see me coming, and keep me safe.
This morning as I ran, I hit another construction zone (new one) and I looked at the officer as the busy street turned into a make-shift one way with him in charge of it all.
As I approached him, I asked if I was to go on the sidewalk.  “No.  I want you right here” and he guided his hands to point to a clear path between the sidewalk, the construction truck, the cones and the cars. 
“Thanks for keeping me safe” I said as I ran passed him. 
But have I said it enough?  And to all of them?  There is an implied promise I make to Phil every time I go for a run.  He’ll say, “Have a good run, Chantel” but that’s not really the bottom line. 
Sure, a good run is nice, but his bottom line, and my children’s bottom line, is: return safely.
And in the over 18,000 miles (yes, I compulsively calculated my Hudson runs), I have run on the streets of Hudson, the Hudson Police have treated me like all the other citizens they have promised to watch over. 
And they do it with zero judgment as to my personal level of crazy.
Despite the rain, snow, wind and every other lunatic time I am out, they have done everything within their power, to take care of me. They’ve never even done the judging eye-roll that would imply “Why are you out here in this?  Can’t you run somewhere else?”
Nope.  Not once.  We are all in their sight.  All under their care.  They silently, carefully, respectfully, watch us all. 
They don’t care if I have a good run.  Their bottom line goal for me is the same unsaid one my husband has.  Return Safely. 
So with gratitude for my Hudson Police, thank you a million times over from my family.  And I am quite certain, all my wonderful pedestrian-inclined friends are shouting a big thank you, too.    
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