Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Running log is going away!

My running log website is expiring!  Well, I think it is safe to say that my obsessive-compulsive nature is not a secret to anyone reading this.  So, I will just start by saying MY RUNNING LOG WEBSITE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!  And, clearly, I’m upset. 
You know how “they” sell your mortgage?  One day you are paying to Washington Mutual, the next it’s Fleet, then the next is Chase.  Or your bank account.  I opened one with BayBank, then it magically became Bank of Boston, then Fleet, and on and on.  All the while, I never did a thing.
But losing my running log.  Well, that’s just a new low.  And it started benignly.  Isn’t that how they all start?  I was on, logging away happily for many years.  A year or so ago, I was notified that a rather seamless merging had happened.  I would log into  I made the transition – or rather, I continued logging into and they diverted me to the new site.
Still, I was fine.  All my information had been brought along. 
But now, there is a threatening message telling me that “This version of Active Trainer will be discontinued in October 2012.  (ie NOW).  You can continue to log your current training plans until then.  Please check out the NEW trainer to purchase training plans”
WHAATTTT?????  I don't even know what that means!  But it can't be good.
I quickly contact all my running friends to address this new emergency situation.  And I am bombarded with several options.  They are so good to me; and a huge resource.  The kicker is that I have over 11,000 miles logged into this and my compulsive freak out mentality is in full swing.  I don’t want to lose all that data.  Not that I would ever do anything with it.  At least, I haven’t yet.  But I might!!!!
So, over the next few weeks, you may hear my take on various running logs, if they stink,  if they are super, what they have, what they don’t have.  That sort of thing.  I’ll be your own personal reviewer of the websites.  And I will be trying to move my data over because, apparently, it’s really important I do.  I may subject you to much more bemoaning over the loss of the plethora of useless data.  We may have to reminisce together of paces gone by.  
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