Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Roads They are A-Changin'

Changing is hard, isn’t it?  Sometimes, I think I am open and willing to change.  Other times I get the rude awakening slap in the face reality that I really am NOT open and willing to change.  I cling to my ways of doing things regardless of whether it makes sense or not.  What is that saying? 
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Well, that’s me and my route.  Right now, and for the past several months, a portion of my running route has been under heavy road construction.  Ok, I must defend myself a little bit right now lest you think I am one of ‘those’ people.  You see, I DID change my running route about a year ago, when the snow plows and bad sidewalks forced the change.  I am capable of changing.
I guess.
Just don’t ask me to do it AGAIN. 
So, the road construction is becoming more and more annoying and overpowering.   The time of being guided and directed with clear delineation between pedestrian and vehicle has long passed.  In fact, even the cars don’t know where they are supposed to go right now. 
This morning, I enjoyed the intense color changes of the leaves on the trees and covering the ground.  But it was quietly being usurped by my ‘Warrior Dash’ training.  During the picture perfect fall foliage, I was also preparing myself for the obstacle course portion I knew lay ahead.
And when I got there, it involved cutting across lawns, so close to house windows that the residents, coffee mugs in hand, could see the beads of sweat on my face.   Eminent domain appears to have taken their front yards and little by little, their lawns are turning into construction zones.   I cut through parking lots and places where sidewalks used to be.  I jumped and dodged sand traps and orange signs saying ‘Road Work Ahead’, moving side to side, up and over fences like a ninja-wannabe. 
And still, I am not changing my route?  Why?
I would have to remap and find a new route, calculate new distance and pace, remember it while running rather than simply fall into my meditative zone, and a whole host of other (not-so-compelling) reasons.  Didn’t I just tell you last week I have to change my running log, too?! (more on that later…)  How much change can I handle????
Or could it be the human condition with its simultaneous contradictions produces someone that runs 12 miles every other day and is also lazy?
Perish the thought!
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