Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who Doesn't Love the Bathrobe??

There are a group of haters that I think it’s time we finally confront.
They have been allowed to spread their negativity for too many years and I, for one, am ready to stand up to them.
It’s the anti-bathrobists.
You’ve probably heard them calling bathrobes jackets made out of a towel or calling those of us who wear them escapees from the loony bin.
They laugh and point as us as we shop in the grocery store or eat at restaurants in our comfortable robes – as if folks in sweatpants or pajama bottoms are so much more evolved.
If you have not worn a bathrobe, you need to keep your pointing finger in whatever non-bathrobe pocket your clothes provide.
Call up your Mom or a grandparent and borrow one. I realize that this probably puts you on edge about the fashionablity of the robe, but to confront such a deeply held stereotype, we need to take some chances.  If you don’t know anyone who owns one, go down to Marshall’s and buy one. You can always return it if you are not convinced.
Now put it on and go out to get the mail or the paper from your yard. You’ll need to ignore the stares from your neighbors. Content yourself that you are more fully evolved and don’t worry about it.
What you’ll find is that it’s warm and wonderful to wear.
The ONLY potential negative thing about the bathrobe is that, because it is so darn comfortable, you won’t notice when it is worn out.  You’ll overlook the stains from eating dinner wearing it and the hole that develops in the underarm.
Who would sew a bathrobe?  Maybe THEY are the ones who escaped from the asylum. 
So join me in this campaign to let bathrobes reclaim their spot in American culture. Put on your bathrobe and go out.  Don’t let the whispering and laughing deter you. They can’t stop us if we stick together.
PS. I’m working on some soft fuzzy wristbands that will shortly be for sale where those of us who have chosen to take a stand against this too-long accepted small mindedness.
REPUBLISHING and will update with a picture of me in my bathrobe!  Get ready to be frightened!!!!

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