Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Runniing

I thought it would be a good idea to go over some of the basics of running in the winter.  I simply don't run inside.  For me, yoga is an inside sport.  But running....... that's an outside sport.  Even in 10 degrees.  So, for those braving the winters and all its glory, here is a quick list of basics:
1.  Wear layers.  I know, this seems obvious.  (and all of these tips are, really, but should serve as a timely reminder).  This became apparent the other day, with snow on the ground and wind in my face when I realized it's time for the second thin layer of pants - I usually wear a thin pair of tights under my running pants in the really cold weather.
2.  Examine your route.  Your normal route may be totally awesome when it's good weather.  But it may be one of those areas that doesn't get plowed; and so, when snow falls, the route is impassable or just plain dangerous.  Roads that get plowed, roads with bigger shoulders, are good choices.  You might want to scope it out ahead of time.  
3.  Get your gloves and handwarmers out!  My fingers turn white.  The tips anyway.  I actually wear two layers of gloves and shove the handwarmers inside between the two layers of gloves.  Little trick of the trade I thought I would share.  Oh, and a hat.  I'm not a hat person; and so, I wear one of those fleece headbands.  Be it a headband or a hat, I suggest something for your head.  
4.  I can't yet vouch one way or the other for those chains you put on your sneakers (I mentioned them in an earlier article) but if I try those out, I may just end up suggesting those as well. 
5.  And if you can, and this one tip is important, forget your pace (because it will be slower) and ENJOY the beauty of the season.  Watch your step, be a little more cautious on your feet.  FORGET YOUR PACE.  Too often I have cursed the snow and missed the beauty it brings.  Sure, my time/pace stinks.  But when I remember to enjoy what I love doing, and take in the grand scenery, it makes the Bundled-Up-Mad-I'm-Cold Running self remember the joy I have in simply traversing the earth.
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