Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Milestone

Another milestone. And it has to do with my feet.

My feet have aged, gotten bunions and generally are not the pretty girly feet I wish they were. They are very definitely runner’s feet – hard, calloused, really short (broken or torn) nails; in short, not a model’s feet. Yes, I know, that was probably too much information. You are grossed out now.

They’ve run on rocks and over beaches, through grass and in snow. My feet have gotten me through years of rough terrain and calm waters. And as a runner, I am grateful to my feet and I should probably take better care of them. In fact, saying all this has inspired me to write an article on foot care. But first, I have more pressing matters.

Today, you see, my feet- they hit another milestone.

My 12-year old son and I were sitting on the couch. Our lazy tired feet were up on the coffee table (withhold judgment, now!!). We are back from a recent trip to NYC and since we walked around a ton, we figured, let’s put our feet up and chill.

As we sat there and he asked me random questions 12-year olds are prone to ask, we looked forward. Not really at our feet – but also not not at our feet – if you catch my drift.

And that’s when he said, “Hey, Mom, my feet are bigger than yours”. And that’s when I let out a small stifled scream.

Where has the time gone? When did this happen? When did the baby I held in my arm’s only yesterday grow feet larger than mine?

He thought it was funny; and I thought it was bittersweet.

In all my miles logged, this thought - of my baby’s feet becoming stinky man feet – well… it’s a first. And for me, it is a huge milestone. I might even say it is a bigger milestone than crossing the finish line in Boston. Just don’t tell all the runners out there!

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