Thursday, May 2, 2013

Genetically Modified

I get that modifying food for a growing nation, population and world has some powerful logical reasons. They say crops will better withstand droughts, or floods, or bugs, or pesticides.

In turn, this will result in more food – and fewer hungry people - with the result of more profitable crops.

And, they argue, farmers have been doing this for centuries when they cross-breed strong plants, or selectively plant seeds from strong plants in their fields.

But those who are anti-GM say most of this misses the point. The reason for hunger is really poverty, inequality and lack of access to food.  Having more genetically modified crops does little to change this equation.  It also imposes a permanent need to pay the patent owner of these GM crops to plant next year.

And although the crops will be potentially fungus-proof (or whatever the issue may be), none of us knows the long-term impact that changing these plants in this way will do to animals, soil or even us.

With all this in mind, I found out that one of my favorite foods – pineapples – was starting to go GM. This leaves me feeling wary, really wary.  I get the pro-GM arguments but I still have this unease deep in my core. 

It may be as simple as any time we try to improve on what God has done (or Nature, or Spirit, or whatever you know to be the Higher power), we seem a bit in over our head. 

In my personal life, when I try to improve on God’s design, I can’t help but make it worse. 

I always have the best intentions.  I honestly believe and feel I can make it better. 

In the end, I cannot possibly account for all the things I can not see.  And invariably, I miss something – and that something was a critical component in the balancing act. 

If you are my age, you probably remember hearing about Thalidomide, which was hailed as a solution to women’s morning sickness. It did a great job solving that problem, but it also caused birth defects.

And I guess that’s my bottom line argument for my feelings on genetic modification of food. 

I just think Nature was created perfectly. 

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