Friday, May 31, 2013

The Heat is on

And so it begins.

I spent the last weekend suffering through a weekend of rain, cold and mud in the Berkshires for a baseball tournament. Temperatures hovered in the low 40s and there was a stiff cold wind.

Some kind of welcome to summer.

But now, the heat is on. It’s 90 degrees out and humid and I love it.

I wait all year for this blink of an eye we call summer in New England.

I wait through the snow, sleet and frigid winds. More accurately I run through them, and I hate it. I do however, make a point to see the beauty in the sleet as it pierces my face – but truth be told, Summer is my season.  In the winter, I have to bundle up in layers with hats and gloves. I even stuff hand warming pads into my shoes and gloves to keep it manageable.

And now, the warmth…. It’s finally here, at least outside of my house.

My husband, on the other hand, hates the summer. Immediately upon coming home, he turned on the air conditioner. He calls it the single best invention known to man.

I call it the torture machine.  At least 10 times each day he will turn it on. And I will walk over one of the vents and my feet will be cold and I will shut it off.

This is our dance of summer, or the battle of the inside winter as I call it.

We have been together for more than 20 years and this goes on every year.

We are “lucky” enough to have central air for the first time in our lives, which means that our whole house can be cold no matter what the temperature outside.

So…… If you run by my house, don’t be surprised if you see me sleeping on the front lawn.  It’s warmer.  You’ll know it’s me – I’ll have my bathrobe on. 

BTW – the Heat really is on. A quick shout out to our oldest son’s 12U team as they took the title at the Dan Duquette Spring Fling Baseball Tournament!

Go Heat!

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