Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Bronze Fonz

I am just back from an amazing trip I took for my amazing 10-year old son. 

Cue the flash back machine.

Joshua was awarded a grant to travel to Wisconsin, and spend a week learning mural art under a super talented artist. While he was there, he got to learn all kinds of cool things, like how to work on plaster, how to gold leaf and how to paint on a huge scale. The centerpiece of the week was his work on a beautiful mural for St. Peter’s Church in Omaha

It was truly an incredible experience.  Chalk it up for the books.

So, while my 10 year old was working, me, Philip (my husband) and Ben our other son had time to do something else.

What’s there to do in Milwaukee?  Apparently, there is lots of stuff. Here’s a few of the things I heard
·        Summerfest – the World’s Largest Music Festival. 
·        Boatrides on the river or one of the many lakes around there
·        The RiverWalk
·        Miller Park and the Brewers
·        And the Bronze Fonz


Ok, the heck with the rest of that stuff. I had my new obsession. There was nothing else to do but get to the Fonz.

For those reading this who don’t know the Fonz - he was a character on a show called Happy Days. Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli was the cool guy on the show who rode around on a motorcycle and wore a leather jacket. Here is his Wiki Page:

So while Josh was working on world-class art, we hopped into the Alamo rental car and went to Milwaukee looking for the Fonz.

To be honest, the locals were not much help. Either they did not know about it (amazing as that sounds) or didn’t like it (even more amazing).


It took a little doing, but was we walked along the street, the clouds opened and the sun lit up the Fonz in all his glory behind the closed Chinese restaurant. 

Hey Mrs. C!

There he was, in all his lackluster, cheesy glory.  A short, creepy painted version of the Fonz. We gathered around and got our photos.


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