Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Almost Registration Time!

There are many different ways to slice the calendar.  Sometimes, when work is involved, we think in ‘fiscal years’.  When speaking of children, we think in ‘school years’, the academic calendar and ‘summer calendars.’ If we are still counting years and birthdays, we might talk in our own special birthdate and our ‘year’ revolves around that.  And of course, there is the calendar year. 

Then there is the Boston Runners Calendar.  It starts and ends with THE Marathon. And just like any other calendar, there are notable days.

On our runners’ calendar, one of the big dates is coming up: Registration Day. 

While this is a special day for all who want to run the marathon, it’s got special significance this year due to last year’s bombing  There has been all kinds of talk about what the BAA was going to do.

As I think most of us hoped, the BAA has opted to add 9,000 runners to the Boston Marathon field for this year.

One of the reasons is the growth in interest in the Marathon due to the coverage from the bombing.

The other, and more important, reason was that they are going to accommodate the more than 5,000 folks who were still on the field at that sad and horrible moment.  They will also be able to run the Marathon again.

As far as how registration will work:  The ability to register will be staggered, meaning those with times 20 minutes faster than qualifying time for their age group will be able to register on September 9th.  Those with 10 minutes, can register on September 11th; and those with 5 minutes can sign in on September 13th.  Registration closes September 14th at 10pm. 

The field size will cap at 36,000 runners. 

These stricter times could definitely make for a faster field overall. And the larger field and show of support, both on the sidelines and on the field, should be just one more step toward healing the scars left from last year’s bombing.

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