Friday, October 4, 2013

Autumn Runs

I really never tire of the fall foliage.  Here in Massachusetts, the leaves are just starting to change. And they are spectacular.  Really. 

As I ran this morning, I wished I had had my camera with me.  The entire route was beautiful.
Even as I navigated around the road work, the leaves were still there, bringing me cheer. 

Here are a few of my favorite things about running in autumn:

  1. The amazing fall foliage.  It is breathtaking. 
  2. The air is cooler and dry.  Or at least not completely humid.  Makes for easier more pleasant running temps.
  3. Some of the races in the fall are for fun – not competition.  Just fun (or funny).  There are Halloween costumes.  Our running group just finished ‘running with the wolves’, and there are all sorts of playful races out there – if inclined.
  4. I can still wear shorts!  Even though it is cooler for sure, and I do start my runs off feeling cold, I end them feeling perfect.  And I didn’t have to don my winter apparel. 
  5. Although autumn is not an official start date like January, it does represent new starts (think school calendars and that sort of thing).  With that feeling, it seems natural to up mileage, change routes, join a group, or just plain start to run.  Fall is perfect for that. 

Enjoy the weather, the runs, the foliage.  

In addition to changes in running, consider picking up a copy of my book.   7 Days to a New You, is out on amazon and will help guide you through a cleanse.  Fall is a great time for cleanses as well!

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