Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Scales

So, now that Christmas is over, how would you rate yours?  I hope it was the fun, frantic, joyous, exhausting time it was for me.

Looking back on the day, I realize it’s really a month of days that build and build and build toward the “unveiling.” Along the way, the pressure to make everything perfect and fair to all the people I love also rises.

I’m still exhausted.. but happy.

Here’s my typical “Christmas Month:”

November:  Christmas?  That’s soooooooo far in the future. I have LOADS OF TIME to get great gifts, make awesome homemade goodies and plan a holiday party. I’m damn Martha Stewart.

Thanksgiving:  OK, I could still be Martha, but I guess I should start THINKING and making lists for Christmas. I should also bring down the decorations too.

Early December: Plan on mailing out Christmas cards. While I don’t actually mail them out, I feel self-righteous in my extreme organization.  Label everyone who has not sent me a card a slacker. Promise myself I’ll actually send my own cards out soon.

Mid-December:  Success! Buy one good gift for ONE of my children – and that’s about it. Everyone else, including the in-laws, spouse or the other son are SOL.

December 20:  The buying frenzy is in full force.  I spend days wandering like a zombie through stores buying all sorts of random crap in hopes lots of crap will add up to the one “good” gift…But alas, the nonsense and charges continue.

December 21: Last of the Christmas Cards goes out, former smugness is long gone, along with ideas of handmade gifts and a holiday party. I guess I am not Martha Stewart. Heck, the house is still a mess.

December 22: Husband informs me that he has the perfect gift for me – and a few other ones to boot. I consider running him over with my car, but abandon it as that would interfere with my shopping. Stay up to 2 am cleaning.

December 23: Get the boys off to school and then hide in my bedroom stacking children’s gifts on the bed, weigh the “balance” between the two.  Realize all but one (see mid-December) is a total crap purchase. Hit the stores again for some dollar-store “fillers” to paper of my sense of inadequacy.

December 24 am:  Mania sets in. I literally am tearing apart wrapping paper because I can’t find scissors.  And apparently, torn wrapping is the new vogue.  At least, that’s what I tell myself.  Out to the stores one more time in one more vain attempt to get the perfect gift.

December 24pm:  Guests have arrived and I’m plotting my one last run to the store… Somebody blow the whistle… I have to stop. Really.  I have to. 

I do.  I whole heartedly give up on trying to keep everything exactly equal.  I give up on finding the perfect gift. I give up all the pressure for everything.

I give in to making eye contact, listening to, and sharing stories with family and friends.  I have a drink, I overeat, and I laugh. It is all that Christmas should be.

And the perfect gift of the season: A Heated Toilet Seat! Yep that’s the “perfect gift” Phil was bragging about all month long…

Hope your holiday was merry. 

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