Sunday, January 27, 2013

Here comes the Snow

The first snow!
Snowball fights are awesome.  And as my boys had their first snowball fight of the season tonight, I got thinking of how I now need to transition to running in the snow again.  It’s that time of year.
A few years back, when we had the really heavy snowfall winter, I still ran in the winter, but oh boy! was it hard.  I half contemplated buying gear - running gear - specifically for the snow.  But I tend, as I have shared before, to be someone who runs essentially free of all gadgets.  I don’t partake in the watchband gps or ear buds and music.  It’s not because I am adverse to the gadgets, more like slow to change.  I run like I did at 6 years old.  And pretty much, with the same crazy form.