Sunday, February 10, 2013

Run Your Own Race

Yes, I know, we runners are competitive.  And compulsive.  And obsessive.  And a wee bit crazy. 
But the truth is we are really more competitive with ourselves than with you.
And I think that is what makes us such a special breed and what makes running a special activity.  I want to explore this lesson with you a little deeper because honestly, we could all take in that particular lesson in running and transfer it to life in general. 
I don’t go your pace and you don’t go mine.  Your PR is just that.  YOUR PERSONAL RECORD.  The key word here is personal.  I’m not running your race.  I’m running mine.

Upgrade Your Food

It’s simple.  Sorta.  The idea of upgrading your food is anyway.  Everyone knows it is better to eat a salad with carrots and cukes than it is to eat a pound of chocolate.  Even organic chocolate. 
But sometimes that’s just plain hard to do.  As a health coach, I have been working on finding simpler, more palatable options for folks to upgrade their food.  Simply put, they are not willing to give up the junk.  Not all of it anyway.
With that in mind, I think it’s cool to bring in the concept of upgrading.  We do that with our appliances, with our computers.  Let’s do it with our food as well.