Wednesday, June 4, 2014


It’s true. I’m a runner. I am not a basketball player. I am not a soccer player. I don’t enjoy trying to hit a ball being thrown at me super fast with a bat. Not my thing.

And maybe running is not your thing.

So, why would you even read this article? It’s about running pretty much all the time. Right? Yes and no. It is about running, but it is more often about shining through doing something that you enjoy, feel good about, and that brings you some measure of happiness.

One of my boys plays baseball. And I mean, he plays ball. He eats, sleeps and thinks about it. If he is not in the game, he is watching it. Ben carries his glove around with him. Baseball brings him joy, happiness, and in fact, teaches him the same exact things I learn through running.

While I enjoy watching Ben play ball, I sometimes feel anxious, nervous, bored, and yes, even irritated. He plays in the rain, in the cold, in the snow and in 90 degrees – while I sit on the sidelines.

And I think “Man, this is AWFUL! I am freezing and have better things to do.” Then I look at him, and he is as calm as can be, he is in the moment, he is watching the ball, calculating out plays before they happen. He moves with ease and grace. He is confident and comfortable on the diamond.

That’s when it hits me. I run in the rain, in the snow, in the cold and in 90 degrees. Folks on the sidelines of the roads cheer me on, honk their horn, and generally give me encouragement.

BUT they also have said “Man, this is awful. I am freezing and have better things to do. You are crazy to run in this”.

I ignore the negative comments, which are very few, and instead am comfortable, calculating out my own route, my own thoughts, I am in my moment. Fully engaged. Because it is for me. Maybe not for you. Baseball may be for you. Or soccer, or drawing, or playing an instrument, or writing.

So, while I guess I definitely think running is where it’s at, and it has been my whole life, I want to encourage you to find YOUR own place of peace. An activity that puts you fully in the moment, fully engaged, intensely mindful.

You’ll know it. It’ll be the one that - in the moment - you forget where you are and just get lost in that world.

That’s the cool thing. 

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