Monday, July 7, 2014

To the Newbie

During the warmer months, folks come outside in droves.  People are on the bike paths, in the parks, the woods, and on the streets.  People are motoring along on bikes, rollerblades and skateboards. 

And for some, now seems like the perfect time to take up running.  They are encouraged by the warm air, the sun, the breeze, and just plain being outside. 

Motivated to lose weight, get healthy, and start a good habit, many will start running for the first time in the summer months.

If that’s you, then keep reading. 

Here’s the big secret:  Start slowly. 

Yep.  That’s it. 

So many of my friends have started running only to stop because it is “too hard” after their first or second run.  The truth is not that it’s too hard for them.  What really happened was they got over-zealous.  They decided for their first run ever, that a 2-mile run in 95 degrees was a great idea.  What they discovered was making it to the lamppost at the end of the street was a huge unbearable chore, leaving them choking for air.

What happened?  They went out too fast, that’s all. 

So let me say it again – start slowly.  Don’t give up because your first run was a fiasco.  Start by walking, then jog a bit, then run – just a short distance.  Add a little more on once you feel a breathing rhythm developing (the breathing rhythm does take time).

If you feel like “Ugh, I didn’t exercise because I ran for only 3 minutes – that so doesn’t count as a workout!”, then run the 3 minutes and do something else.  Maybe an exercise you are used to.  Maybe a bit of stretching.  Do a run-walk.  Run for a couple minutes then walk a bit.  And repeat. 

Do not quit because you only made it to the lamppost.  The lamppost is farther than the front steps!

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