Sunday, August 23, 2015

DIY Vinegar Cleaner

If you are anything like me, then cleaning is not on the top of your to-do list – ever. But, it still needs to be done. And spring seems like a great time to revisit our cleaning regimes. The traditional (i.e. store purchased) cleaners seem so harsh. There had to be a better option. What I discovered and now use regularly is so much better, easy, and cheaper.

Super Simple Go-To Cleaner

I am pretty simple, and when recipes get too complicated, well, then I use it as a reason not to clean. So, this first one is the most simple and is my go-to solution for spraying down just about anything.
- 1 part water
- 1 part white vinegar
- Essential oil (usually use tea tree or lemon)
Simply put, this go-to recipe is half water, half vinegar in a spray bottle. The amount would obviously vary depending on the size of the spray bottle. I also add a bit of essential oil depending on my mood. Both lemon and tea tree oils are great boosters to the cleaning and disinfecting process. Plus, it just smells cleaner.

For Cleaning Glass

- 1 part water
- 1 part white vinegar
- 1/3 parts rubbing alcohol (helps keep it streak-free)
Instruction: Mix everything first. Now spray and wipe clean and clear with a paper towel.

For Cleaning Flooring

- 2 parts water
- 1 part white vinegar
- 1/3 parts rubbing alcohol
- couple drops of liquid dish soap
Instruction: Mix the above ingredients first. Spray this mixture on your floor and let it set for a minute or two. Mop with a microfiber mop or a towel. I no longer use a mop bucket!

Why is vinegar used for this purpose?

Basically, vinegar is acidic and that helps dissolve dirt and soap scum. It will cut through the grime. Thankfully, it is also gentle enough that you can clean hardwood flooring. Some folks use it as a fabric softener (though I have not – but it is on my list to make) and seem to be happy with the results.
As a general rule, the more vinegar to water ratio, the stronger the cleaning action. It is also nice to add essential oils to your solutions should you favor a particular scent or trait.
Generally, I use this magically acidic but gentle solution for my kitchen, bathroom and flooring. Pretty much wherever there is grime. Mix, spray, and wipe.

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