Saturday, February 4, 2017

Boost of Running Motivation

Lots of folks who talk to me say they love the idea of running.  It’s just the actual running that throws them off.  But the idea is awesome, Chantel.  You go, girl!
Like everything, besides eating, running requires some measure of motivation.  And for some, it’s just a little - while for others, it’s a lot. 
Winter, at least for me,  is especially hard.  Here are some tips to set yourself up for success:
  1. Get a new pair of shoes.  Be sure to change your shoes regularly to avoid injury.  New shoes every 500 miles (or less) keep your legs and spirit feeling good.
  2. Chose a great playlist.  I think I have shared that I run  with bare essentials, no music, etc.  But lots of runners get pumped by the music.  If this speaks to you, load your iphone with your favs and head out the door.
  3. Sign up for a race.  You have a concrete goal to shoot for.  Be sure it is neither too far in the future, where it doesn’t seem real.  Nor do you want it tomorrow where there isn’t sufficient time to train and get excited. 
  4. Make it a habit.
  5. Get out the door.
I’ll take a moment to elaborate on the last two: habit and get out the door.  Herein lie the real key.  The others are ‘tricks’ that may help.  The final two are golden.  Once we make something a habit, we are more likely to stick with it.  Get out the door.  And by this I mean, lace up your sneakers and step outside.  You are 5 times more likely to run than if you remained on the couch.  How’s that totally made up statistic?  But the point is valid.  Put your sneaks on and go outside.  With all that work invested, you will probably run, at least a little bit.  Heck, you had to bend over and tie your shoes after all.  Hate to waste all that effort.  Silly but true!
Here’s how those two work together:  Once you tie your shoes regularly and go outside, even just to feel the breeze, you are now creating a habit.  Granted, it’s just a shoe-tying habit, but it’s a habit.  Now, this shoe-tying-going-outside thing we are doing is just something we do.  Perfect.  We are more likely to just keep doing it.  Without thought.  By nature, we are creatures of habit.  And now that it’s a habit, well, you get the picture.  I could stand on the porch and see which way the wind blows then walk back in and take my sneakers off.  But since I went to all that effort and put my shoes and shorts on, maybe I will just run around the block.  Maybe just once. 
It’s really as simple (or as complicated) as that. 

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