7 Days to a New You

After numerous cleanses with clients (and unsuspecting family and friends), I created a compilation of the best aspects of all of them.  7 Days to a New You serves as both a journal and a resource guide to walk you through a week-long renewal.

This is not a recipe book - so don't look to it for recipes.  I believe everyone's tastes are so different that specific recipes will not help you.  For example, if I loaded this book with recipes, there would be pounds of garlic, oregano and chocolate.  Some may be thinking "RIGHT ON, CHANTEL!", while the majority will be thinking that is not appealing at all.  Hence, my decision to make this a guide and not a recipe book.

Enjoy, share, use completely, write in the book, think on it, and in the end, do what feels right TO YOU.

To order, click here.  I would definitely order the paperback; and not the kindle.  The intention was to be a working book.  I want you to write in it!

Here's a youtube video I hope you enjoy we created to promote the book!

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